The Kokken Boys

The Kokken Boys branding

What is this project about?

Volunteering for an Australian-based non-profit to create a logo and branding


A close friend, Dani Glatz, contacted me about freelance work for a non-profit she was starting for her nephews, The Kokken Boys. They had a limited budget, but needed a logo and branding to bring awareness to their newly incorporated non-profit. I decided to volunteer my services, so they could use the limited budget they had to get their fundraising efforts off the ground.

The initial collaboration

As The Kokken Boys was located in Australia, all of our communique happened over phone calls and emails. Dani conveyed the vision for the branding - something fun and bright to reflect the spirit of her two nephews. After some initial sketches and a discussion about colours, I began ideating. I presented Dani with a number of logos, but one stood out to her as the one that spoke to her.

TKB Logo

The logo used a fun font and bright, primary colours. The founders and the boys agreed that this logo was just what they needed. 

Marketing & Fundraising

The next project was to begin creating marketing materials and a way to get their name spread around. I set to work creating business cards and official letter head, so that they could begin following opportunities to raise funds and awareness across Australia, and the world.

As their reputation began to grow, fundraising opportunities arose. Swag! T-shirts! Mugs! Bracelets!


The Circus


One of the most fun pieces I was able to complete for them was a graphic for an annual fundraiser - The Kokken Bros. Circus! I utilized colours from the original logo to create something eye-catching and bright that could be used to advertise this huge annual fundraiser.
TKB Circus
TKB Circus Banner


Unfortunately, in 2019, after a 5-year run of fundraising, running races, handing out cards, playing at the circus and sharing the story of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, TKB had to close their doors. Even though they had volunteers running events and getting the word out, the project became too heavy a burden for those involved. The boys and their parents saw many benefits over the years from the fundraising efforts - not to mention the fun they had! The amazing outcome of this adventure was the investment of all fundraising and donations into purchasing a new van for the family - which would enable them to get around more easily as a family. It was a pleasure to be involved in this project!