Improving Visibility into Document Signature Status


Documents are presented to a clinical user on the EntryPoint platform, which enables them to fill the form and submit (finalize) or print it. Once a document is submitted, the current solution allowed multiple signatures to be added to a document via DocuSign. 

One or more signatures may be required to finalize a document. In a clinical setting it's common that clinical staff may need to send a form to multiple users via email to sign via DocuSign.

I was the primary designer tasked with improving the submitted document UI within the application.


The platform displays a list of submitted documents, and includes the patient information, the document name and submitter information including submission name, date and time. Additional information about the document also populates the table to provide the user information about the status of the document when sent to a 3rd party service.

  • Table is already full of a lot of complex information
  • Signers and signature status are not represented here, despite being part of the form completion process

Current State document list view

The problem

Clinical users have no visibility into who has signed the form, who has declined to sign, and who has not yet signed. Forms are often marked as error and archived, and the entire form filling process is restarted due to users not knowing whether signing was complete.


Providing signer names and signature status in the document list and when viewing documents will prevent forms from being stalled or restarted and save clients time.

Success Metrics

Reduce the number of forms stalled during the signing process.
Reduce the number of forms restarted once signing has been initiated.


  • Improves the Submitted Form list view table to include Information about signature status from Docusign
  • UI improvements to allow the user to view the Original DocuSign document and also view Print and Sign attachments
  • Allow the user to view the form while also providing visibility into the status of signatures
  • Allow the user to see detailed information about the status of document signatures (Signed, Unsigned, Pending), as well as individual signature data in both the Document List view and while viewing an individual document

What information do we need to provide to users?

  1. Document: Docusign ‘document of truth’
  2. Data
    • Recipient Email
    • Recipient role/name from EP
    • Recipient Signed Date and Time
    • Recipient Status Code
  3. UI
    • Status for each signer and/or total status (e.g. 3 of 5 signed)

Initial sketches

Before starting, I reviewed the current table and document views within the application. I sketched out some possible ways that the table view and document view could be improved on to provide visibility into signature status. As I sketched, I began to ask questions:

  • How might we provide signature status and signer information in the table?
  • How might we reduce cognitive load on the user by allowing them to control how much information they see on the screen?
  • Should granular information in the list view be shown within the row items or presented in a modal?
  • When viewing the document, how might we present the user with the signature status and document information?



Submitted Form View Improvements

  • A 'Signing' column was added to the table to display information about signatures and status of the signing process. This column will contain Signed, Pending, Unsigned, and Declined statuses to indicate signature progress.
  • Each row is now clickable via the chevron icon on the left, allowing the user to display additional information about individual signatures, signers and status
  • An indicator at the document level to denote that signing has been declined and the document cannot be finalized

Table improvements 1

Table improvements 2

Table improvements 3

Document View Improvements

Once a user clicks on a document in Document List View they can view a single document by navigating to the a view of the form. 

A new dropdown was be added to allow users to access document details and attachments.

  • The dropdown labels will reflect the Signing Status; Signing Not Started, Signing In Progress, Signing Complete, Signing Declined (if one signer has declined during the process).
  • When opened, the new dropdown panel will provide the user with detailed information about  signing status for each signer, as well as a way to navigate between the original Docusign document and any attachments.

The new dropdown panel provides the user with detailed information about  signing status for each signer, as well as a way to navigate between the original Docusign document and any attachments. 

  • A document with “Signing not started” status shows the DocuSign original document only, displayed within a card. 
  • The card is styled with ‘active’ visual status and a pill at top right labeled ‘viewing’ to help the user understand that this is the current version of the document they are viewing.
  • The status of all signers is made visible within the card (under the Pending Signatures header, within the dropdown).

Doc View Dropdown 01


Signing In Progress

The dropdown label changes to reflect the document signing status and a header displays in the dropdown panel, showing a tally of the number of completed signatures.

  • The original document and each separate attachment/signer will be encapsulated in separate cards. Only signed documents/attachments are clickable/viewable.
  • For the current document being viewed, the card will be styled with ‘active’ visual status and a pill at top right labeled ‘viewing’.
  • Status of all signers should be visible within the card (under the Pending Signatures header, within the dropdown).

Document View - Signing in progress


Signing Complete

Once all signatures have been successfully completed, the dropdown header will update to show the total completed signatures (eg. 3 of 3). The modality in which an attachment was added is communicated in the card (Scanned, Faxed).

Signing Complete Document View