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Samantha: A Fast and furious designer who knows code

What I Can Do?


From website layout and design to developing multiple ad concepts for different marketing spaces, I create clean, crisp visuals that are optimized for fast output.


I have created a variety of printed pieces, from flyers to brochures, maintaining the company look and feel while beautifully expressing the featured product or service.


My projects begin with a series of sketches to help me brainstorm and lay out the elements and features required, building a strong foundation for a cohesive finished product.







Knowing code enhances design

I believe it is an asset to understand the programming that is the foundation for web designs. When designing a project, knowing what programmers might ask for or require on a project helps me to plan ahead and prevent unnecessary back and forth on a project.

Art as a foundation for design

Studying Fine Arts in university was a huge influence in getting me to where I am today. Understanding concepts like colours, light, moods, shapes, lines, and so much more help me to get into the head of the user to create delicious images and designs that a client will be happy with.

Business card design

Makeup artist Business Card

I was commissioned to design a business card for a local makeup artist in Toronto. I was given a rough logo sketch and asked to upgrade the logo to vector and include it on the business cards.

tjx huddle hub

Huddle Hub - TJX Canada

A freelance project for TJX Canada. I designed a logo to be used in Winners, Homesense and Marshalls stores across Canada for associate training. The center logo was chosen for use by the company.

HR conference banner

Banner for HR conference

As part of the print marketing for an upcoming conference, I designed a conference banner with company branding in both French and English. The design had to meet branding and colour requirements.

HR conference brochure

Brochure for HR conference

As part of the print marketing for an upcoming conference, I designed an informational brochure for participants that outlined the conference agenda, speakers, and location information.

InterCity Realty

Flyer - InterCity Realty

A Toronto Realty company required flyers for their newest sales team. I was given an older style flyer for content, and created a new design for this dynamic team that fit with the InterCity brand.

The Kokken Boys

Branding and Website - TKB

I volunteered my skills to develop a site for a non-profit organization in Australia. The Kokken Boys Incorporated approached me and I created a logo, stationery, and website for use in their fundraising efforts.

Compliance Guides

Compliance guides

Created up to 100-page guides using Photoshop and Illustrator to design custom cover art, and InDesign to lay out the guide. Responsible for setting up InDesign styles and making the PDF printable and accessible.

Workplace violence infographic


I was provided with a series of stats on Workplace Violence and created an interesting and compelling infographic based on the data. Responsible for layout, look, and graphics from start to finish.

TJX brochure

Brochure - TJX Canada

TJX Canada approached me to design a printed brochure for their annual executives meeting as an educational piece for all attendees. I was given bios and photos, to assemble in the space provided.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

Created outbound marketing emails from scratch using HTML and CSS. Managed email campaigns, sent marketing emails, tracked clickthroughs and conversion rates as well as testing for different email clients.

Contest poster

Bilingual contest poster

A contest was being held for an upcoming conference in Quebec, and I created a poster that included both English and French translations of the contest and graphics that worked for both languages.

Conference Ads

Conference Ads

I designed a series of ads required for an upcoming conference. These paid ads were required to be created in 24 different sizes for use in different venues, but all convey the same message.

Minimum wage infographic

Minimum wage infographic

I created this infographic from scratch based on my own research of data and stats which were reviewed by a lawyer. I was responsible for layout, looks, and graphics from start to finish.

Stag and Doe tickets

Stag and Doe tickets

As a freelance project, I designed tickets for a stag and doe party. I was provided with images of the bride and groom, and event information in order to create a print-ready document.

Software Marketing video

Software marketing video

Using Camtasia software, I recorded video screen captures of HR software to create a marketing video. I was responsible for laying out the video from start to finish, including titles, graphics, and voice-overs.

Quinte Lawn Care

Posters - Quinte Lawn Care

A small company starting up in the Quinte area commissioned me to create posters for neighbourhood marketing for their lawn care company. I used the existing logo to design posters showcasing their services.